Touch Me Perfume Oil By Nabeel 10ml


Touch Me Perfume Oil By Nabeel 10ml

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A fragrance with a vintage vibe and yet representing a modern era charm. A scent which has been Nabeel’s best seller over the decades. The bottle is simple silver metallic finish with a soft peach colored box.

Fragrance Notes:

TOP NOTES: Lemon, Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose, White Flowers, Tagete, Saffron, Oriental Notes
MIDDLE NOTES: Rose, Sage, Cardamom, Cashmere, Ylang-Ylang, Cananga, Cedarwood, Lily of Valley, Honey
BASE NOTES: Patchouli, Precious Woods, White Musks, Amber Notes, Oakmoss, Vetiver, Leather, Animal Notes, Sandalwood, Amber Notes, Gurjum Balm


Capacity: Approx. 10ml
Type: Concentrated Perfume Oil
Brand: Nabeel
Suitable for: Women


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