Musk Al Ghazal (Deer Musk) Oil By Al Haramain 30ml


Musk Al Ghazal (Deer Musk) Oil By Al Haramain 30ml

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Presenting Musk Al Ghazal from Al Haramain, a fragrance signifying the beauty of nature & its emphatic aromas. They say musk and love can never be concealed. Of course its something you are not bothered about. You flaunt your love with unabashed glee & spread cheer with this romantic aroma. Theres one thing common to you and Musk Al Ghazal. You are both infectious and cannot be kept away from the spotlight.

This perfume smells similar to deer musk, but doesn’t contain any of this rare and controlled (due to indiscriminate killing of the musk deer) supply of pure deer musk, if you’ve had the pleasure of smelling pure deer musk, it is without doubt the best natural fragrance you will come across.

The perfume comes packaged in a stunning bronze bottle with white stones like pictured.

Content: Approx. 30ml CPO
Brand: Al Haramain
Suitable for: Men & Women (fairly strong fragrance)


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