Mehrab Arabian Perfume Oil By Rasasi 25ml


Mehrab Arabian Perfume Oil By Rasasi 25ml

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The top note of Mehrab fragrance starts off as fresh, slightly sweet, floral (saffron and rose) note. It then gradually develops into a woody, floral, animalic middle notes. The base note culminates on a oriental, woody, musky smoky ambery tone, reminiscent of tobacco which ligers on for a long time.

Surpasses in quality compared to all other designer perfumes that may cost two or three times more than what you pay for this unique Mehrab perfume. One or two drops of this exotic concentrated high quality fragrance is all you need for rest of the day.

Mehrab perfume is free of alcohol and therefore will not dry your skin or lose fragrance as the alcohol evaporates.

Mehrab concentrated perfume oil by world famous perfume house Rasasi is safe to use. Comes in a hexagonal finely decorated glass bottle. Annointing rod is attached to the cap for ease of use.

Top Notes: Sweet, Floral, Saffron & Rose
Middle Notes: Woody, Floral & Animalic
Base Notes: Musky, Smoky & Ambery

Content: Approx. 25ml concentrated perfume oil
Brand: Rasasi
Bottle: As pictured
Suitable for: Men & Women


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