Marwah Perfume Oil By Al Haramain 25ml

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Marwah Perfume Oil By Al Haramain 25ml

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The Holy path and purity of pilgrims transmuted into fragrance with the aura intact is Marwah. The best of the ingredients: Amber, Sandal, Dehnal Oudh, & Istanbul Rose under the enigmatic touch of our connoisseurs turned Marwah into Marwah.

The name Marwah comes from an ancient Muslim story, where, Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) had abandoned his wife Hajar and son Ishmael, at the command of the Lord, in the arid, desolate and lifeless desert of the Arabian Peninsula, the area that is Makkah now and where the Muslim Holy site of Ka’aba is situated. Hajar, in her frantic search for water for her child, ran back and forth between two mountains seeking water (now part of the Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj), finally an Angel was sent who dug the earth and water started flowing, now known as the Well of Zamzam. Marwah was the name of one of those two mountains, the other is Mount Safa.

The symbol or significance behind giving the fragrance this name is purity and solace. It is the type of fragrance that compels you to inhale it again and again, and you never get enough of it.

Marwah is spicy and full of Dehnal Oudh (Agarwood) and Sandalwood, and a very bright, sweetish Istanbul Rose. Marwah is a touch heavy on the Agarwood at first but the rose quickly blooms and asserts itself, making this one of those unmistakable middle eastern scents

Marwah is sweet, but balanced by the sandalwood. It is also stable from beginning to end, and does not change much if at all, you can smell oudh from the very beginning and all the way through.

Sillage is great and its longevity is unparalled, very discernable from many, many feet away, yet it doesn’t have that ghastly effect on people, other heavy perfumes have, this is surprisingly a very gentle fragrance.

Fragrance Notes: Virgin Amber, Dehn Al Oudh, Sandalwood and Istanbul Rose.
Content: 25ml approx.
Brand: Al Haramain Perfumes
Suitable for: Women (but marketed for both genders)


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