LED Essential Oils Diffuser


The Aromatherapy Diffuser uses silent ultrasound vibrations to mist essential oil essence throughout one room or the whole house (or office).  No heat is used, making it safe for kids and pets, and the redesigned, sculptural Oil Diffuser glows with soft, colored LED light.



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Before turning power on, make sure there is enough water in the tank as this product can not be turned on in the case of no water. Adding water should not exceed the water line, so as not to overflow. Replace the tank of water daily to ensure quality.  Spray part can be cleaned with a damp cloth or wet sponge.

• Weight: 200g(Approx)
• Color: Dark Wood Grain,Light Wood Grain,Blue,Pink
• Materials: Wood/Plastic Cement
• Package Includes: Night lamp Humidifier
• Power Mode: USB
• Timing function: 2-8Hour
• Capacity of Water Tank: 1 liters or below
• Number of fogs: 1PCS
• High: 10cm

Package Includes
1  X Ultrasonic Aroma Aromatherapy Humidifier
1  X User Manual
1  X USB

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Light Wood, Dark Wood, Pink, Blue


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