Al Haramain Dehn Al Oudh Cambodi 3ml


Al Haramain Dehn Al Oudh Cambodi 3ml

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An Exclusive Popular Arabian Perfume Oil from the world renowned Al-Haramain range

As the name suggests, Cambodian Oudh, sought after by perfumers for its superior characteristics is the main ingredient in this offering from Al Haramain. Al Haramain picks out genuine, mature Oudh which is then treated through a tedious process to finally bring you the bottled wonder! ‘Dehnal Oudh Cambodi No.1’ is a classic fragrance that’ll rejuvenate your senses !

Fragance notes:

Oriental , Exotic , Balsamic.

CLASSIFICATION : Agarwoody, Sweet (Woody)

Dark chocolate, dark sweet fruits and lots of resinous wood.


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