Al Haramain Hayati Perfume Oil 12ml

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Al Haramain Hayati Perfume Oil

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Unfold the mystery! An exquisite fragrance, Hayati is an unique blend of exotic essences and oils to wrap your skin with mystery and sensuality. As time unfolds, this mysterious fragrance will take you to a deliciously sweet dreamland. Confined in an exotic glass bottle with a crystal cap, the fragrance of Haramain Hayati permeates the aura with sweet sensational incense. The floral essence blended with sweet aromatic oils comes in 12 ML bottle. Having a top fragrance note of a flower, with the body note of rose or saffron and dry down aroma of musky agarwood, this exquisite fragrance beholds your senses and keeps you engrossed in your imaginary world. The ornate glass bottle of Hayati contains concentrated fragrance which last longer than traditional perfumes. Owing to almost zero alcohol content, it suits all skin types


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